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Published on April 27, 2004 By Gamefreak99 In OS Customization
Downloaded the free version of DesktopX and was wondering if it's a trial. I couldn't find the word "trial" anywhere on the page and it didn't pop up with a 30 day limitation or anything so I was just wondering.


on Apr 30, 2004
DesktopX the free version has some limited features but that's about it. It's pretty full-featured.
on Apr 30, 2004
Ya, I'm really liking it. How about the version of WinBlinds, is that limited to a certain ammount of days?
on Apr 30, 2004
Never mind, it seems from the trial I got that it's not. You really should put up descriptions about what you get in the trials that way people know exactly what don't (and would if they bought it) get