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Hello World!
Published on September 15, 2003 By Gamefreak99 In Misc
Hey everybody it is I the almighty Gamefreak99 and I am here to say Hello (World)! Hopefully I'll be keeping up with this alot or something and you'll have the pleasure of reading my random thoughts and actions (yes you can read my actions after I post them, cool eh?). First off a little about me. I go to school. I play video games. I write. I read. I am uniquely the same as everyone else in a unique way. I am me. I am I (or am I?). And I'll be talking about random stuff in an attempt to englighten you and possibly make you laugh. Yes, I am Gamefreak99 (And I Want to be Your President... or something like that...). Feel free to comment on anything I say. Here is a picture of my desktop:

You can tell alot about a person from their desktop. Like what kind of colors and mood they have. And what O/S but that's beside the point! As you can see I use SlimBrowser. I really like it, it's a pretty decent IE based browser with tabbed browsing and a pretty good ad blocker. Also, there's a handy group feature that lets you click twice and have as many sites open as you wish. I for example have a group called "Daily" which has the sites I visit every day. If you want it grab it here:


Anyways that's it for today see ya tommarow (or sooner)!
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