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... Well... Not Yet...
Published on November 27, 2003 By Gamefreak99 In PC Gaming
Yes, that's right. I'm going to build a new computer (and you thought it was a child?!?). Kudos for me. I know most I need to know about how to build one and am farily computer "fluent" or "savy" as you might say but this should be an interesting experience... (if you have any good sites or advice about this process feel free to comment on it below)

First off, I decided to go with a desktop after much debate. It was to be either a gaming rig or an iBook. Why did I go with the gaming computer? First off, I already have much of the software I will be using and second off because I just love playing games. This has pretty much all the same features and more of the iBook (minus the mobility factor). Of course I will be using Windows XP (you thought I'd use ME?). Now, on to the specs.

(Before I get to them let me just say that I've been saving up money for quite a long period of time. Don't be jealous because I'm just getting this instead of that game you got every other week =D)

I will be using my old keyboard, monitor, and speakers but everything else is new. This sucker will be powered by a Pentium 4 3.0C GHZ processor with Intels "famous" hyper threading and 800 FSB. From my viewpoint, it was either that or a Barton 3200 and I picked the Intel for sheer power's sake. Next, the motherboard. One of the new Abit AI7s. I struggled deciding between that and a P4P800 Deluxe from our friends ASUS but in the end most of the benchmarks favored the Abit. Plop all this in an Antec Perfomance "PLUSVIEWSE" case. I had trouble deciding between that and a Lian Li case and finally decided on the Antec because of its durability and five fan slots. All of it will be powered by an Antec True430W power supply.

Throw in with that an 80GB WD hard drive and two sticks of Kingston HyperX PC-3200 ram and I should be good to go for a bit. I'm also grabbing a handy Lite-On CD burner/DVD drive. I figured if I ever wanted to buy a DVD burner later on I always have that option. For a mouse I'm going with Microsoft's Intelli-Mouse Optical (hey, I need one for this computer too =D).

And then, the centerpiece. (Drumroll please...) A Saphire Radeon 9800XT. Ya. I don't think I need to say much about this but I will anyways =D It's the latest and greatest graphics card out there now from our beloved ATI (not that nVidia is inferior, I'm using a GeForce 2 now it's just that they don't quite cut the mustard yet for higher end cards). With DirectX 9 support as well as a whomping 256 megs of RAM, a free copy of the new Tomb Raider, all the Half Life games and expansions, and Half Life 2 when it comes out is just icing on the cake.

I'll be using the onboard ethernet and sound on the Abit since most of that stuff will knock me back a bit (I do have enough for it though... honostly...). I'd be more than happy to upload some benchmarks when here when I get it so stay around!

on Nov 27, 2003
nothing's wrong with an ibook, I own a classic G3 iBook (well a year old in 2 weeks), and it runs faster than i ever dreamed
on Nov 28, 2003
Hehe =D Ya, if I ever get a laptop it is going to be an iBook, plain and simple. No choice to make