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Published on November 28, 2003 By Gamefreak99 In Personal Computing
Ya so the other day I'm all surfing along, minding my own buisness. I go on over to Gamefaqs and everyones talking about what browsers they love (I'll give you a hint, Internet Explorer is NOT one of them...) and a lot of people are mentioning Mozilla's Firebird (ahaha! Get it? Phoenix, Firebird? I crack myself up...) so I head on over to Mozilla.org and I download it, just to see how it compares to my beloved SlimBrowser. Let me sum up my 24+ hour-so-far experience with it:

1) I've had no pop up ads.

2) You do not talk about Fight Club!

3) With a couple of extensions this puppy... birdie... can do exactly what SlimBrowser can do and more. I have it set to block most banner ads out there. It even has tabs (once you go tab you will never go back) and tab groups. If you don't like tabs (you should be shot I mean...) it will also open new windows for you.

4) Every website I've been to works, 100%.

5) It's not Internet Explorer (based)...

6) I have no clue what else to say!

So basically if you need.... no, let me start that over. If you are using a web browser now that is NOT Firebird, you're making a mistake (every link you click on kills a kitten... well not really...). But really, I like everything about it except one tiny detail that I haven't figured out how to fix yet. In Internet Explorer if you are typing in a text box you can use the scroll wheel to scroll down without having to click outside the text box first. If anyone knows how to do these PLEASE TELL ME! DRIVING ME INSANSE! Also, if anyone knows of a spell checking extension that would be cool too. Otherwise, it's really awsome, try it out! (I belive you can use it on any OS...?)

On another note, today was Black Friday. What does that mean? It means I got a Maxtor 120GB hard drive from Best Buy for $130. Ya. The good part is its only $50 with mail in rebates =D

on Nov 28, 2003
You say it is better than slim browser. Can you expand on that. How is the memory use? I hhave heard that it is a hog with memory.
on Nov 29, 2003
I meant better as far as option wise. It is capable of many things, most without any plug-ins or extensions. And then some of the extensions are really cool like one that lets me close it and it will save all my tabs so when I start it back up I'm back at whatever I was viewing.

You make a good point about memory. I didn't mention anything about that since I had never heard those claims but I will be happy to run a view benchmarks and post them here or in another article. Thanks!