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Everything from a New Name to Who Knows
Published on December 1, 2003 By Gamefreak99 In Blogging
Let's try this, I'm going to cover as many topics as I possibly can and somehow try to link them all together.

First, for some reason I need a new alias. Go figure. The real problem with this one is that it seems there is some mysterious "Gamefreak" out there that gets all the "Gamefreak" accounts before I can snag them and I'm forced to resort to Gamefreak99, Gamefreak979, Gamefreak5k, etc etc. Any advice?

Next up, speaking of new names, if you want a new email account, check out atari.net. They are pretty new so any name (except Gamefreak, I finally snagged it!) is available. You get 5 megs and can access view a POP client (like Outlooks Express) or from the web.

Speaking of names again, CNN has this about a man that legally changed his name to "Bubba Bubba Bubba". How would you like that? Not too hard to remember eh?

They also have this about Microsoft's new Longhorn being for sale in Malaysia. What a boost in my happiness for Microsoft. If it's not even secure enough to protect it's latest OS or Windows Update from hackers, whats to say that when its next OS does come out and has its online authorization that it won't just download me a nice little trojan and steal all my credit card information?

Here's some more for ya. How would you like to be arrest and imprisoned without being charged for a year or so for speaking out against the government? So, basically, by speaking out against our government you are praising it for it allowing you to speak out against it in the first place =D

Speaking of our government, here is an article about a rather good thing they are trying to do for us. Sigh in relief!

Christmas is almost upon us now. That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Check here for snow info!

That's it! As always email me, IM me, comment me, cook me at 360 for 10 minutes and serve! Feeds five!

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