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The OS Wars!
Published on October 20, 2003 By Gamefreak99 In Personal Computing
Windows. Apple. Linux. I don't think they represent what os you run on, they are more of a lifestyle (more so for the second two than the first). Who hasn't gotten into a fight (or at least a friendly debate) with someone about which is better? If you havn't you must be either A) living in the 1700's or very very naive. So which one IS the best? The answer is in the form of a question: How do you like things (or "Depends on who you ask.")? Which will win in the end?

Apple is taking some good steps is all I can say. Now you can connect your apple monitors or iPod to a pc. You can emulate windows on a mac. And iTunes just came to windows. Lets think about this for a second. Out of all the world's computers, how many do you think run the windows os? Well according to a Cnet article published TWO YEARS AGO, there were 73 million liscensed copies of Windows XP. That's just XP. (I can't find an accurate, up to date number through Google.) For the time being, we'll just say that there are 100 million registered copies of all the windows operating systems world wide. The UN says there are some 6 billion people her on Mother Nature so that might be a bit small. We'll use it anyways. Now, take iTunes. Let us say that 1/5 of the people running some varriant of the windows os download iTunes. Let's say that 1/2 of THOSE people buy 3 songs each. So we have 100,000,000/5=20,000,000. We divide that in half and multiply by 3. Thats 30 MILLION songs at $1 each. $30,000,000. Now, of course our friends the singers (or the RIAA or someone) have to take their slice of the pie. Lets say Apple makes $.10 a song. That's still $3,000,000 for our friend Mr. Apple. And of course I've been low-balling all the numbers here. But you see my point, Apple has finally smartened up and realised that they might be the best but windows is far more used. Personally I don't have an Apple. The downside is the lack of some support (and some prices can be kind of high) for programs I need to use (I don't hate Macs though...).

Linux or Lineux however you say it, however you run it, install it or play it. Yes, Linux. That os thats... free! Open source is the way of the future *cheers!*. Well it may or may not be. Not many people make money off of it though and so instead of a desire to make money, you have a desire to make something people love (and will love you for). The big upside to Linux is that is free. Another upside is the open source deal. If someone finds a bug, it gets fixed pretty quick. If someone has an awsome idea, they can auctually do it. Another upside is that most every computer can run it. The big downside is the lack of newbie support. Frankly, I don't see the Average Joe User (no pun intended =D) installing and using Linux, it's mostly for the hardcore. It will take alot to change this and we have seen userfriendlyness gone bad *cough*AOL*cough*. I've run Linux for a little while and I don't think it's that bad. It gives alot of flexibility and has a really cool name =D

And then, there is Bill Gate's little puppy dog, Windows. The upsides are there. It's easy (most of the time) to use, you don't have to install it like Linux (it comes installed on most computers and is pretty simple to install), it has by far the most software available out of these three operating systems. If you're running Windows, take a look at it and everything you take for grantit. Just do it. I don't care how many times it has crashed on you, Windows isn't bad (I say that literally and without implying that its great/good). Most everyone has it or support for it so you're good there. Downsides? Well yes it does crash and has some security flaws that have to get fixed the "hard" way. And yes if you want that copy of XP Pro you'll be shelling out a good $150-$200. Windows is the default os now. If someone says "Do you have a computer?" and you say "Yes." it almost implies that you are running Windows. If you're running a mac you'd say something like "Yes, it's a mac." Hopefully Windows will get cleaned (wow I'm on a pun-roll here today) and we'll have a bit more fun in the future (or at least not as many headaches).

So which is the best? Well, what are you looking at? Which will win? Flip a coin, you'd get a more accurate response than you'd probably get from me. Windows looks to be the favorite but things can change and change they do. My advise to you all is to open yourselves up to new things, don't limit yourself by the fact that a mac is "different", try to get rid of those biases! As I've just pointed out there's some good in any os and what might not be your cup of tea today (as I like to say, "Hates is too strong a word, try 'Don't like' or 'That's not exactly my cup of tea because I don't like my tea with crap in it.'") you might be using non-stop in a year. Have fun!

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on Oct 21, 2003
I think that you have to look at the OS that suits your needs. Just like cars, some people need 4 wheel drive, others need a mini-van, and others live in regions that allow them to drive a sports car.

Every OS has its strengths and weaknesses. Apple found a neat little niche with iTunes, and I think they will do well with it, but it really doesn't help their OS at al (especially since it is now on Windows). It's no longer a bonus of owning a mac now that everyone can use it.

Linux is good for a lot of server installations, but it lacks the consumer side. One major downfall that it has is driver support. For instance, I could not use Linux. There is no driver for my printer nor a driver for my satellite connection. It also doesn't support Photoshop.

So, I have two choices- mac or Windows. Since my satellite is just starting to beta test on a mac and my printer is reported to have less issues on a PC and I own tons of programs for the PC and my PC is fairly new, I think it will be a long time before a consider a mac.....especially now that I have iTunes on the PC.....
on Oct 23, 2003
Good points!

About the iTunes thing, I think what I meant was that people who use Windows and don't really know about Macs now can have this cool piece of software that could potentially convert them so to speak.