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You guys seemed to like my other Top 10...
Published on November 6, 2003 By Gamefreak99 In Personal Computing
... and so I give you another! My Top 10 Favorite Websites! Like before, these are MY favorite sites and reflect what I'm going to currently. With that being said, let's get on to the list (in no particular order)!

1) www.joeuser.com - I think it's some kind of blogging site or something....

2) www.wincustomize.com - My XP desktop gets very boring, very quickly. I head over here to spice things up a 'lil (or to kick it up a notch). Lot's of stuff available here.

3) www.gamefaqs.com - What I think is the best gaming site out there. They have pretty much every game and evey platform represented. There are many ways to participate and it is all user submitted (reviews, FAQs, walkthroughs, codes, etc.). Great message boards (every time I log on theres about 3000 people on) and a good way to get questions answered quickly.

4) www.nanowrimo.org - That NaNoWriMo thing. You can sign up for it up to November 30th (you'd have to write 50,000 words in one day...) or any time before then. It's a great experience so if you like or think you like writing go sign up! They have great fourms for help with it and your plot and writing style or just to socialize and bear writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. Good stuff!

5) www.penny-arcade.com - Really funny gaming comic from two guys who have a good sense of humor and are easy to identify with. They also cover alot of big topics and review some stuff so you can stay updated with the gaming scene.

6) www.gamespy.com - Another gaming site (yes, as you can probably tell by now, I am a gamer...) that has daily reviews and articles. Check out the Daily Victim, a humorous gaming story every day. They also have pretty big fourms but they cater more towards newer games and systems.

7) www.google.com - The best search engine ever. If you are curious about something or... not... come here to find out about it! Anything from lyrics to how much it costs to buy a llama! Also, if you're a newsie person, check out Google News.

8) www.newegg.com - They sell pretty much every computer related thing that exists at really good prices. Most of their items also have a user ranking and/or review and some have links to other reviews done by sites like CNet. Really good prices and support.

9) www.apple.com - I've pretty much decided my next computer will be a shiny new G4 iBook so I come here to check out prices and stuff I can get for it as well as get my questions answered in their fourms (click Support then Discussions).

10) www.slashdot.com - They have lots of news (mostly computer oriented) and can lead to many interesting new thoughts and knowledge. Great place to go if you're board or want to keep up to date with the latest news.
on Nov 06, 2003
I personally have never liked slashdot. I find they old an anti-Microsoft bias. I prefer non-biased sources of news.
on Nov 06, 2003
*I find they hold an anti-Microsoft bias.
on Nov 07, 2003
you definitely miss

on Nov 07, 2003
Everyone has some type of bias or another. I don't think it's quite as much bias now however with Longhorn coming out in a year or two.