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November 5, 2003 by Gamefreak99
Hey guys! I'm going to post my story so far below. But first, I'm only 8,000 some words through it and I'm not editing this by any means (so ya it probably sucks but then again, November is for writing, the rest of the year is for trying to figure out what the hell you wrote)! Anyways, tell me what you think!

*copies and hopes this doesn't crash my computer*

"Sir! Urgent telegram for you!" screamed a soldier who looked as if he didn't even shave yet. That was the terrible price ...
September 15, 2003 by Gamefreak99
Hey everybody it is I the almighty Gamefreak99 and I am here to say Hello (World)! Hopefully I'll be keeping up with this alot or something and you'll have the pleasure of reading my random thoughts and actions (yes you can read my actions after I post them, cool eh?). First off a little about me. I go to school. I play video games. I write. I read. I am uniquely the same as everyone else in a unique way. I am me. I am I (or am I?). And I'll be talking about random stuff in an attempt to engligh...