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May 13, 2004 by Gamefreak99
Hey guys, just wondering if you guys could help me. I have to do a persuasive presentation for abortion (ie pro-choice). It's kinda against my wishes so I don't rightly know many arguments (which is why I'm here). Any help is apprechiated!
September 17, 2003 by Gamefreak99
Ahhhh! The dreaded hurricane! It's coming strait for us!*

(*Being a hurrican it could change it's path at any moment so don't quote me on that.)

Seriously though, it's just a hurricane. Yes, it has winds that are now around 100 MPH and if I was living on the beach I'd be running away (or boarding up the house with really thick boards and duct tape at the same time that way the hurriance AND the terrorists can't get me!).

I really think part of this is the media. The media in this count...