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September 15, 2003 by Gamefreak99
First off I must get this out of the way: retainers suck! They are the most evil torture device devised by mankind. Not only do they make you feel funny but you can't talk. They hurt going in and out and they make you take them out to eat or brush your teeth (5x the pain right there). And if you lose them they are $150 to replace (per).

Braces: $1500.
Retainer: $300.
Five "Fun" Years of Pain: Priceless... oh wait nevermind thats $1800 (hey at least I get a free cup eh?)!

Ok so I'm wat...
December 1, 2003 by Gamefreak99
Let's try this, I'm going to cover as many topics as I possibly can and somehow try to link them all together.

First, for some reason I need a new alias. Go figure. The real problem with this one is that it seems there is some mysterious "Gamefreak" out there that gets all the "Gamefreak" accounts before I can snag them and I'm forced to resort to Gamefreak99, Gamefreak979, Gamefreak5k, etc etc. Any advice?

Next up, speaking of new names, if you want a new email account, check out atari.ne...
October 17, 2003 by Gamefreak99
That's right, in 15 or so days, we start into November. And as you may or may not know, November is the National Novel Writing Month where you are challenged to write about one topic/plot (no random short stories ) for a month and (hopefully) reach 50,000 words. Along with you are tons or other people, racking their nerves, drinking their coffee, slaving day after day to make some semblence of story into a great piece of understandable literature. And for what? Well mostly for satisfaction. It...
September 21, 2003 by Gamefreak99
I regret my last post after suffering 4 whole days without power! What did I do? Well I read Dan Brown's Deception Point (very good, read the Da Vinci Code too...), saw Matchstick Men (very good sting/con man-type movie), bought the Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack (love it), and basically sat around eating stuff that would go bad if I didn't. More tommarow as I need to go do something fun...